Property Criteria

AXIS takes time and effort to find the good ones!  First we set the criteria; property types; leases; and location.  AXIS is always looking for new opportunities and the best deals continue in our qualification process. 


Our prime area of activity is in Alberta, within a 1-hour corridor around Calgary and Edmonton.  This is one of most strong economic areas of the world.


The AXIS Criteria:


• Commercial Properties Only: offices buildings, professional centers, retail malls, industrial warehouses

• Multi-Tenant occupancy with a minimum of 3-tenants

     ° More than 50% occupancy

     ° Long-term net leases; 3+ year terms

     ° Qualified/Established Commercial Tenants

     ° Cap. Rate to exceed 6%

• Excellent physical condition: structural, mechanical, aesthetics

• Buildings to have a usable life exceeding 20 years

• Meet/Exceed Clean Environmental Standards

• Multi-Use: convertible potentials

• Comply to local building codes

• Ease of access and egress to buildings

• Located near major roads and transportation links

• Demonstrating Good Value: price, vendor financing, future value

Current Properties

1.  A 21,000 square foot office building was purchased from a motivated vendor who had it for sale for a number of years. The location and the structure were very good but the interior appointments were substandard to attract new tenants.  AXIS commenced renovations after taking possession and later attracted new tenants into long-term leases.  Today this property boasts a cap rate of 9.7% and has doubled in value for a ROI of over 67%/year in appreciation alone.



2.  Two apartment buildings specifically designed to house people with special needs were purchased 1½ years ago.  AXIS applied lease contracts with social authorities that support the tenants and ensure payment of rent.  The rents are at market rates and there is a waiting list for occupancy.  These properties are true WIN-WIN; a good home for the tenants and a secure cash flow for our Partners.  Cap rates now exceeding 13.1% and a ROI of over 50%/year in appreciation alone.



3.  A 24,000 square foot Edmonton industrial warehouse was occupied by a single tenant.  The entire building was renovated to accommodate 4 bays each at about 6,000 square feet.  The renovations attracted 4 long term tenants that supported an initial cap rate of 9% and a gain in the property value of over 200%.


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