What is Generational Wealth?

Generational Wealth is about quality of life, and having abundance.  It’s about “being there”, helping loved ones now and continuing a legacy for those who follow.  All good investments today will grow with generations to follow.


How do we create Generational Wealth??  By searching the commercial real estate market for exceptional opportunities, then buying the properties under joint venture ownership.  AXIS manages the properties on behalf of the partners so they have a hands-free investment where they receive rental income and also the benefits of equity ownership.


AXIS R/E PARTNERSHIPS is a part of AXIS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CORPORATION; an Alberta company dedicated to partnership ownership of profitable commercial real estate. 


The AXIS ownership structure is very unique…. We create individual "Limited Partnerships" that are registered in Alberta for each partnership.  Partners, protected by law, are private and free from liability or guarantees.  The Partnerships are flexible in that they allow for the individual’s decisions to hold, buy or sell.


The result:  Partners receive greater benefits than if one would try to do it on their own.  The risks are lower and the benefits higher.  AXIS partners expect and receive exceptionally positive results that endure economic fluctuations that transcend time.


“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time” –Margaret Bonnano, Author



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