Partner Profile

Many of our Partners are repeat investors who have participated more than one project.  Most Partners are people who are active in their own career; they may be business entrepreneurs or professionals active in their practice.  Whatever the case may be, we believe that they have made some lifestyle choices to work less  and focus more on their personal interests. 


Typical AXIS Partners are people see the merits of owning commercial real estate and wish to include it into their investment portfolio.


Typically they....


• Prefer the stability that only commercial real estate can provide

• Like to invest here in Alberta  ...One of the world's strongest economies

• Prefer small partnerships dedicated to one property

• Prefer “Hands-Free” management

• Expect to receive regular quarterly income

• Expect clear annual progress reports

• Want more than just income - they want equity growth

• Want flexibility for options to buy, sell, or even re-invest elsewhere

Partnership Details

AXIS works as a General Partner, the general manager and property manager; taking care of all day-to-day management. 


The Partner receives all operating information and votes on major subjects such as new developments, property sale etc.  Normally there is one Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other meetings are called if necessary.  Partners' attendance is not mandatory and voting by proxy is allowed; minutes are recorded at all meetings. The Partners' can hold, buy or transfer (or sell) their investment at any time.


The partnership is registered by Alberta Law under the "Partnership Act", rules for the benefit and protection of all involved.


Investors called "Limited Partners" enjoy protection from all liabilities such as loans, guarantees or legal liabilities, (unlike personal ownership or other corporations).  The AXIS Partnership is ideal for partners who own other assets that need to be protected separately from their investments.


The AXIS Partnership is a corporate entity that is exempt from federal or provincial income tax (like some 'income trusts'). The income flows directly through directly to the investor.


Contact us if you require detailed information at 780-997-0377 or

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