About Us


AXIS was commenced in 2006, a team derived from a combination of commercial development and operational management experience.  Looking back through history, it has been proven that commercial real estate results can be consistent and predictable even through economic fluctuations.  It comes down to strategic planning to focus on a dependable income stream driven by consistent occupancy.


Our past experience in the Alberta economy makes AXIS familiar to fluctuations and when to take appropriate action.  In some cases, buildings were upgraded and/or subdivided to accommodate a stronger multi-tenant operating model; sometimes a challenging task but useful to hedge a stable income stream.  In other cases, additional efforts were required regarding the management of contracts, negotiating individual terms and helping tenants to flourish.  All so that the investment properties continued to generate income consistently and that they continued with full occupancy (except when tenants relocated, or renovations were in progress). 


We have experienced such challenges before and we know how to deal with them…


Doing more… the question was asked how can we how can others benefit from our experience?  The answer was for us to develop a new way of creating flexible partnerships where people can participate easily.


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